Highlights of Nitrogen Fixation Research Esperanza Martinez

ISBN: 9780306461378

Published: June 30th 1999


305 pages


Highlights of Nitrogen Fixation Research  by  Esperanza Martinez

Highlights of Nitrogen Fixation Research by Esperanza Martinez
June 30th 1999 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 305 pages | ISBN: 9780306461378 | 5.63 Mb

This volume covers recent advances in nitrogen fixation research, including genetic engineering to modify nitrogen fixation, modulation of key symbiotic metabolic pathways, cloning and developmental expression, drought stress effects on nitrogen fixation, differential expression of symbiosis-related genes, use of T-DNA tagging to identify plant genes used in symbiotic nitrogen fixation, functional genomics, and cloning in defined and mobilizable regions.

The topics covered extend from basic aspects to agricultural applications, ranging from bacterial genetics and metabolism to plant genetics and physiology. Nitrogen fixation, a process which supports life on this planet, has attracted the interest of researchers for the past century. Nitrogen fixation is responsible for the conversion of inert dinitrogen (N2) gas from the atmosphere into usable ammonia, replacing the fixed nitrogen constantly being lost to the atmosphere by the denitrification process.

Worldwide agricultural productivity is determined by the availability of fixed nitrogen in all its forms, and a continually increasing human population depends upon it for survival.

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